Fitness and Wellness Centres in Jamaica

Fitness and Wellness Centre

The UBCO Vibez Fitness and Wellness Centre was constructed in 2009 as a way to support a healthy lifestyle in the midst of academic and work pressures. The facility features a fully equipped gym with a variety of workout equipment, yoga studios and weights training facilities. The goal of the Center is to create a community on campus that fosters the health and well-being of its members. Its proximity to the school and work has also made it an appealing place to spend time after class.

The Secret Of Fitness And Wellness Centres In Jamaica

The new Sabina Park fitness centre is a collaborative effort between the Jamaica Cricket Association and the Ministry of Sports. It was estimated to cost US$70,000 to build and was inaugurated by Minister of Sports Olivia Grange. The Centre is supported by the National Health Fund. The facility will be open to both individuals and groups and will host different sporting events throughout the year. The RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center is one of the most spectacular fitness facilities in the region.

The design of a Fitness and Wellness Centre must consider its primary function and its secondary function. This space should be accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities. It should incorporate a range of functional equipment for the entire family. The interior design should be inviting, incorporating high ceilings, ample circulation spaces and data connections for fitness tracking. It should be free from glaring lights that can distract patrons. In addition to functional equipment, a good fitness and wellness centre will offer a social component for its members.

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