How to Manage Your Workforce With the Help of Visualise Salary Information

Visualize Salary Information is a free iPhone application which allows you to visualise salary information for every employee in the company. It works by combining the complex and outdated process of computing RollthePay scales with the in-built Google payroll features. The application provides a customized pay schedule option that can be implemented per an individual employee or for the entire team. This iPhone app also comes with a number of fun and interesting features, including social media integration, salary prediction, and employee reviews.

Visualize Salary Information Using RollthePay and Payroll Software

Other than the simple salary information tool, this app has several other interesting and useful features as well. A popular feature is the social media integration. When you use Visualize Salary Information, you can add your Twitter account to provide important information on your employees to your followers on the social media. You can also share your salary information on various popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Apart from providing salary information, the iPhone app also helps you manage your staff memberships and identify staff who might be on the verge of quitting or looking for a new job. This is possible since the application matches your specific needs with the latest salary information provided by Google. The tool will also suggest appropriate keywords for each position based on the data it returns. For example, if you are looking for an IT technician, the tool will suggest relevant keywords based on his last job description. The most popular positions are often the highest paying jobs. When you get access to these data, it can really help you manage your workforce efficiently.

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