Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems are an important safety product that helps to eliminate the risk of serious injury from electrical power-related accidents. The need for this type of system has grown tremendously and in recent years there has been a number of tragic electrical power-related accidents. These accidents have resulted in extensive damage and loss and also many lives. There have also been many instances where families have had to leave their homes after experiencing an electrical fire. The need for adequate lightning protection systems has resulted in the production of a wide range of protective coatings designed to prevent the occurrence of these tragic accidents.

Lightning Protection

These systems help to reduce the risk of these types of accidents by helping to stop fires before they start. Many of the new coatings produced are non-combustible and provide complete protection against fires. These lightening protection systems can be easily applied by applying a specially designed brush on the surface or top of the building. These systems are available in many different materials, thicknesses and colours. Some of these systems are water proof, but others are not, and it is always recommended that these systems are installed by a professional to ensure that they meet all safety requirements.

When installing lightning protection systems, one of the most important considerations is to ensure that the systems are installed in a way so as to completely avoid any possibility of an arc being created. Any possible arc should be covered up by a strong waterproof layer. The use of special corrosion resistant steel is another very important consideration when installing lightning protection systems. It is important to remember that the lightening system should only be installed on non-flammable materials such as concrete slabs or glass panels. Installation of lightening systems is often easy, and with a little bit of expert advice it can be carried out by almost anyone.

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