Online Games

online games

Online games are a type of computer game where the player controls a character through a computer terminal or keyboard and mouse. An online game is generally a video game which is either largely or partially played over the Internet or another computer network. The term online game also covers a wide variety of games including multiplayer games (which allow two or more computers to play a single game online) and virtual environments, usually generated by a computer program. In online gaming, a player logs on to an online game server, which acts like a “game master” or host.


Since online games can be played for free as well as with a small monetary investment, they have become very popular with a wide range of people from all walks of life. Many people have become so addicted to online gaming that they cannot play without logging in to their online games server. A great many of these games are developed by large international companies who rely on the revenues they generate from selling online games to fund their development and production. Some online gaming servers offer free membership to their clients that enable them to create a virtual environment and experience a number of game scenarios and options. Others offer free “modding” or modifying a game’s existing content, or the ability to create entirely new virtual worlds and experiences. Some of the most popular modding games include Mass Effect and Counter Strike, both developed by Electronic Arts.


The basic idea behind online games is to immerse the player into a digital world and facilitate their interaction with that virtual environment. By using special graphics, sound, and synchronization technologies, online games create a powerful sense of realism. Players take on the role of an interactive character within a complex virtual environment. While playing online games, players are not constrained by the physical limitations present in the real world; they can travel virtually throughout the virtual world at the speed of light.

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