THC-VVG Cartridges

One of the most exciting new technologies to hit vaporizers and hookahs in recent years is THC-VVG, which makes it possible to smoke pot with your favorite e-liquid. But how does this work, and is it really that much of a difference over a traditional vaporizer? Is it really a step above regular marijuana smoking because you are able to use it with flavors of your choice? We took a look at two vaporizers, the THC-VVG and the CBD-only Vapes, to see how they compare from a convenience standpoint – with a non-medically administered drug in between.

A Breakthrough in Vaporizing Pot

Both vaporizers work by spraying liquid at the end of a thin, wispy tube into the chamber at the bottom of the vaporizer, where the active marijuana compound is enclosed in a clear plastic tank. The difference between the two comes down to the liquid itself. In the THC-VVG cartridges, marijuana extract is added through the liquid as it is sprayed throughout the plastic tube. In order to provide the maximum amount of THC and CBD, the liquids are poured into separate bottles, one with the extract and another with the oil. This allows the user to mix and match the two, creating their own personal pot experience.

To test these cartridges, we took two identical cups of each, one with CBD and one with THC, and let them sit for fifteen minutes before taking a draw. When using the vaporizer, the difference in taste seemed minimal – barely noticeable. However, since it only made a slight difference in taste, it was not worth the cost of the THC-VVG cartridges. So for now, we recommend going with the CBD only version, which is the least expensive option.

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